How it works

Menu Builder builds a set of vcf/contact cards in VCARD markup images Base64 encoded, as Shortcuts displays contact cards in lists with a rounded photo you can use this to show a list you can use as a 'menu', or just to show a list of results with pictures.

Using Menu Builder

Menu Builder. Use add to add new items to a menu, each time something is added the text is updated in the Clipboard, when youve finished all you need to do is paste the text created by menu builder into your Shortcut.

Menus consist of 3 elements

  • Title
    The main large title of the list menu item
    This is stored in the Last Name
  • Subtitle
    The smaller text underneath the title
    You dont need to use subtitles and can turn them off in the settings.
  • Image
    A rounded image to the left of the list menu item.
    Images dont need to be bigger than a size of 100 and a size of 70 is recommended.
    This is stored in the Company field.
    Images are stored in the Photo field
    Transparent images look better
    Images are stored in the VCARD markup as Base 64 encoded images


Will add a new menu item, you will see any menu items you add appear beneath the Menu Builder menu. Each time a menu item is added the clipboard is up dated so all you will need to do once finished is just paste in the text in the clipboard to text action in your shortcut.


  • Turn On/Off the request for a subtitle
  • Set the size of photos imported

Adding to your Shortcut

Add the actions below to display the list menu in your Shortcut

  • Text
    Paste in the menu you created in Menu Builder
  • Set Name : Menu.vcf
  • Get Variable : Set Name
    Use a magic variable to point to set name action above, and then select and change the type to contact
  • Choose From List

After a selection is made

You will need to use IF statements to run actions based on the selection.

Retrieving Values

You can get the variable of the selection, then set the variable as a contact if not already set, then set to NAME to retrieve the Title selected, or COMPANY for the subtitle selected.



You can store additional information in VCARDS in other fields used by the CARDS for example if the menu had colour names in the Name field, you could have RGB/HEX values in other fields that you dont want displayed, but you want to retrieve later.

A text editor is essential if you want to re-order/remove or change the cards, some text editors will have a reorganise function that automatically identifies blocks of text and lets you drag/drop them into new orders.

If you end up just typing/copy pasting your own in Shortcuts, having all your images in one dictionary at the beginning is a neat way to organise your Shortcut.